About Our Grants

The Charity has 3 main activities:

– It makes grants to individuals who are eligible
– It makes grants to other organisations with a charitable purpose whose beneficiaries are eligible
– It provides supported housing for older people, with a 24-hour registered domiciliary support and care service for its residents. (See Doughty’s own website for more information: www.doughtys.org.uk
– It provides accommodation for supported housing for people with a mental health problem  and a day centre for people suffering from dementia (run by Age UK Norwich)

What we make grants for

We make grants for:

– basic household goods – beds and bedding; cookers; fridge / freezers; wardrobes; carpets
– applications for applying for a bankruptcy order or Debt Relief Order (DRO) where you have been advised by a professional money adviser that this is the best course of action for you
– exceptional items or payments where this will provide significant relief to the applicant or dependents

Norwich Charitable Trusts, 1 Woolgate Court, St Benedict’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4AP. Norwich Consolidated Charities, Anguish’s Educational Foundation and The Norwich Freemen’s Charity (previously known as The Norwich Town Close Estates Charity) are part of the Norwich Charitable Trusts Group. These organisations are all registered charities. Registered Charity : 1094602